7 Up – Front End Development

7up Competition

7up Competition

When contracting at Spookmedia at Edelman I created the front end for a promotional 7Up competition web site. Given the designs early afternoon on Sunday I had to turn them around for first thing Monday morning. The design represented a few problems in that it was very unconventional in terms of layout and alignments. Taken from a Photoshop PSD design I sliced the layers up, optimised the export and constructed the design into HTML and CSS in Dreamweaver.

I had to arrange the content by absolute position containers with relative elements within them. The angled navigation represented a few problems but with some cunning CSS skills, I was able to overcome the difficult alignment and also the hit area for the buttons. Finally I corrected styles sheets and images for cross browser compatibility from Internet Explorer 6 to Google Chrome.

You can view the site here http://www.ru7up4it.ie/

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