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As contracted work for Spookmedia at Edelman PR, I was responsible for creating mobile versions of the BlackBerry Blog. The site is intended for BlackBerry owners, enthusiasts and developers to read about innovations and updates to their favourite smart phone. My job was to ensure that every version of BlackBerry was catered for, being a BlackBerry site, these viewers were paramount. That’s not to say I didn’t cater for all the Iphone users out there as well.

To tackle this problem a fair bit of research was required, noting all the various models of BlackBerry on the market, the screen dimensions and the stylesheet properties supported by each version of browser.  Once I had collected all the necessary data I interrogated the HTTP_USER_AGENT request and from there loaded up the appropriate stylesheet, which caters for that specific device screen width. To test my development I used DeviceAnywhereStudio, a very useful remote testing facility, which I would recommend to anyone needing to test on various handheld devices

So now if you visit on a mobile device, it should appear with a mobile theme with the appropriate stylesheet attached (Please note that I have only developed this for Iphone and BlackBerry users at the point of writing this and I will post a tutorial shortly on my development site)

You can view the site here

BlackBerry Testing

BlackBerry Testing

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