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During my last contract position, one of the sites I was responsible for was, working as part of a small team in the development of the system my role was as front end developer and particularly interface design and user experience. As part of a business development team, we were responsible for the entirety of the site and system.

This is a new micro-billing solution from the creators of Netbanks, one of the first online transactions systems. and are the revolutionary new solutions to an emerging problem facing many industries in the digital market. Publishing companies are particularly struggling as customers are increasingly turning towards free online content. aims to provide an online transaction system charging small amounts for content hidden behind protected URLs.

The main point of this particular site and system was learning a completely new custom code base for which there was no documentation. The project was constructed in Microsoft’s .NET environment, involving XHTML, CSS, ASP, JavaScript and JQuery.

You can view the Coinz website here

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